Welcome To Proactive Health




In a nutshell 

You may have work benefits, a financial or retirement plan in place already, but have you considered your health? Design Fitness is here to create your complete health plan! Whether your goal is full recovery post-physiotherapy or to maintain your body through the demands of life (proactive medicine 2,a,b), our plan  creates a lifestyle that supports your health and in turn support your goals, your family, and your profession.  Welcome to the holistic lifestyle approach that is The Healing Art of Exercise.



Design Fitness stands for The Art and Science of Exercise, reshaping the face of health and fitness with a proactive approach to self-care and well-being. Our approach is unique in its virtues, as we utilize exercise for the purpose of vitality. We believe that gaining a healthier lifestyle is the first step to exercise and in turn, fitness.

 We have refocused the purpose of fitness on maintaining health, balance, and activity based on The Lifestyle Approach to Exercise.  In order to make exercise a sustainable and integrated part of one's lifestyle, both in the short- and long-term, we had to adapt our practice; this lead to the creation of  The Healing Art of Exercise.

 Due to the innovative, integrated, and personal nature of this new practice, it can only be readily summarized as the Biologic living Health to Fitness Program, and is an experienced to be had. It is not made up of any one therapy or practice but is instead the guided connection between many.  We welcome you to a higher level of health.


Unique Differences

  • Our practitioners provide mentor-based guidance.
  • Our approach is based on the fact that the body is self-healing, so we are able to balance out the elements stopping that process.
  • Our assessment is based on your mind, body, and environment. 
  • Our job is to make fitness less intimidating by developing the necessary confidence in one's skills and self. 
  • Our skill is in listening to the body to know which of its various elements need to be addressed.
  • We believe that all you need is the encouragement to believe in yourself, so you can do things you never thought possible.
  • We treat people with the respect and courtesy that we would reserve for our family and closest friends.