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There are an increasing number of people who are starting to make their health a priority, whether it’s taking more time for themselves, finding a less stressful job, spending more time with family, or incorporating more health habits. These people have been around the block and worked with health care practitioners many times before. They are seeking something that can fit into their lifestyle, maintain their body, and improve their health. To them we say we have been waiting for you.

Design Fitness offers the Healing Art of Exercise Lifestyle Approach. This is the new way to do health! A program that adapts to your challenges and takes an depth look at you as a whole person. This one of Canada's premier holistic and integrated approaches to maintaining the body and its health. 

The founder Noel Miller is happy to share his approach to help add to the improvement of the proactive health industry. 

"Knowledge is good and wisdom is nice but there is no greater teacher than life itself. I mean to say it is not the skills that make you great but the mind that wields them."

- Noel Miller

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My name is Noel Miller owner of Design Fitness and Creator of The Healing Art of Exercise.

Health in the Era of stress. 

Have you ever noticed that amount of gym, fitness centers, supplements and health initiatives have increased over the 10 years? I ask you just one question how is it possible that obesity is on the rise? We have more health specialist than ever before in recorded history.

In this question lies our difference a simple factor with a complex solution one that we have spent years perusing. The greatest factor that contributes to the reduced effectiveness of fitness, the increase of our overweight population as well as the increase of illness is stress. Now that we have the simple answer how does one exercise in a way that will reduced stress and increases health. Knowing on the contrary to popular belief working out does not mean you automatically gain the benefit of stress reduction.

I invite you to a higher level of Health




My name is Noel miller and I am the owner of Design Fitness and creator of The Healing Art of Exercise. I have over 10 years in the health and fitness field as well as several certifications in alternative health.  My formal education is in the realm of exercise prescription. I have taken my passion for proactive exercise and found a way to marry it with my desire to help others regain their physical strength leading to their regaining their internal strength.

By staying true to this goal and gaining new skills, I was able to create a concept that stands behind changing one's environment so health is possible. I do this for the people that need someone to believe in them again and the people that are determined to do their best and to claim what is important to them. I believe what I do brightens the reality of hope, possibility, and direction. It helps people to see they have all they need within themselves; we just have to let it out. 


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Design Fitness is an exercise alternative that addresses the impact of lifestyle on health and uses the fused mindset of lifestyle coaching and fitness. We use this view point to navigate the medical and alternative medicine worlds to achieve lasting change towards the goal of balance. 

The audience we serve is growing and consists of people that are not finding the results they want in the traditional avenues. Our alternative use of exercise is the common link between health practices. We are able to adapt fundamental skills found within them to provide direction for our clients. 

 We believe that they key to a more complete level of health is found by addressing the lifestyle of a person and thus changing the internal and external look and feel of the body.




 Understanding Design Fitness

Design Fitness stands for the art and sciences of exercise. Science is the facts and the standards found in health and art is the ability to apply them to the unique circumstances of a person.  We are a fitness alternative that creates balance and thus health from a lifestyle perspective.  We seek long lasting change and know that this is only possible when the mind and body work together.  We believe that the environment that you’re in is the cause of the body's maladaptation. Design Fitness is not here to make it easy; we are here to make it worth it. We bring health to life and we practice the Healing Art of Exercise. This approach is for those of us who are ready to put our health and ourselves first and those who are ready for change. I invite you to a higher level of health.



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The overview of how you would put to use the piratical side of The Healing Art of Exercise.


Outline video blog

A quick understanding of design fitness and how you would sum up its view on the body and its application of change.