Booking in

Do you still have questions about our services or maybe you have a more specific question in mind? Whatever the case may be we are always happy to offer insight and have friendly conversation.

If you prefer to meet in person be sure you ask about our 15 min face to face introduction to Design Fitness. Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to the voice.

If you are a person of action we are ready when you are. You can book our Exercise and Lifestyle Assessment at any time. The length of the assessment may very from 60-90 minutes.  Keep in mind that the assessment is a stand-alone service; there is no pressure to continue with any other service after you have completed it.

You are the most important part of the assessment and your success, we never lose sight of this. We keep your health in top priority so the assessment is mandatory before gaining access to our other one on one services. 

We are an in home service that is serving the Toronto community. We take our customer service very seriously and want to know if you enjoyed your experience with our team so always feel free to give feedback.

Your Life, Your Health, Your fitness: Our Priority

Fitness, health, exercise, therapy, injury, pain, stress - it’s a lot to think about!

The good news is each of these things fall under the umbrella of lifestyle.  Design Fitness is here to integrate and optimize all three so you can get the best out of each area.  As your health team and coach, we organize the vision and strategy of multiple health care providers so we can have you feeling better and back to business. We will be also be able to take the time to explain things and answer the questions you have along the way as you find out what your next steps are.  

The assessment we offer looks not only into the different possible solutions that would work for you but really narrows down the cause of the problem. This leaves our clients with long lasting results and a peace of mind know that there is a way they can take control of their health, enjoy an active lifestyle, and pursue fitness.  We welcome you to our team.