1. Exercise and lifestyle assessment

  2. One-on-one training and treatment

  3. Corporate workforce assessment and rejuvenation

  4. Workshops

Helping hands

We are always happy to work with our clients and their existing therapist and or health care providers. We are not shy to call on our own specialists to get seconded opinions and to quality check your progress. We believe the more we work together the more we can change lives. Everyone deserves health and support in their life.


Think of your time with us less as a set amount of sessions or appointments but more of a journey in which we will be addressing many parts of your health. Health is a lot more three dimensional than people think. We generally view it as mind, body, and soul but these are just the morals and not the full expressions of health and how it plays out practically. We will be there to guide you along your path to health regardless of the direction it leads. There will be times where you work more with a specialist on a specific challenge in order for use to get to the next step. Even as you are working with the secondary practioner (ie specialist), we will be working alongside them either to improve the care provided by them or to build up other areas of health in the meantime.  We are your mentors, your guides, your coaches, and your support.

Contact us at info@designfitness.ca for more information regarding our membership programs.


The Benefits of the exercise and lifestyle program

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The Benefits 

The benefits to this program are quality, cohesiveness, understanding, and compassion - all the things needed to create the program itself. In a more practical sense you will save time, money, and stress.

Time: with the cohesiveness of the program we can point you to the right practioner at the opportune time to decrease the time needed to create the ideal results.

Money: with less time spent looking in the wrong direction for the right answer money is automically saved.

Stress: nothing is more stressful than wanting something so bad and putting so much energy and effort into it just to get the same results. By understanding where you are physically and energetically, we can offer the right next step as well as compassion through your journey as we have helped many others through similar frustrations. On top of this we can impart the knowledge so you can gain a fresh new perspective on how to address the issue.  

Do one thing and do it well.

We Create a lifestyle of health