1.  Exercise and lifestyle action assessment
  2. One on one training and treatment
  3. Corporate rejuvenating work force assessment  
  4. Workshops on exercising for lifestyle


Do one thing and do it well.


  1. Traditional exercise training tries to fix most issues from one point of view. Making the body stronger means making it better. The ultimate goal is to turn you into an athlete. The aim is to become bigger, faster, stronger. 
  2. Modern exercise training usually has more than one point of view including injury prevention, nutrition, coaching, functional movement; the core of this still strongly stems from traditional training however. The difference is the main goal of this training is to look better and lose weight and targets the general public and young to middle aged people. The aim is to become muscular, slender, sexier.
  3. The Healing Art of Exercise is the evolution of the aforementioned models. It is grounded in multiple points of view mainly that the mind effects body, stress effects the body, and the lack of or improper movement effects the body. The focus of this training is to use exercise and action to impact health, lifestyle and balances . Design Fitness describes health living as the ability to move freely and participate in life without pain, sickness, and with limited stress. The Healing Art of exercise strongly promotes balance, mastery of movement and excellence of self.

      Who can benefit from this style of exercise anyone who open to change and understands the             importance of taking care of your self.


Health is the key to life, life is about experience, balance achieves both.

Classification: The Healing Art of Exercise