Exercise and Lifestyle Assessment

The Exercise and Lifestyle Assessment is an adaptive process that takes a look at the largest factors that inhibit success. Knowing that traditionally 70% of all short-term exercise related goals and 90% of all long term does end in failure, we have taken our time crafting the assessment process.  The three main factors to success are environment, mindset, body awareness/mechanic; these elements still mean nothing if they are not unified into a lifestyle application and this is where we excel.

One-on-One training and treatment

One-on-One Training and Treatment is the action step to our assessment. We know life is life and some days you will be pumped up and ready to work hard and some days rest will be the best action to take. This is our approach when it comes to our one-on-one time; we cater to what is most needed in our time together. It might be exercise, it might be therapeutic in nature, it might be mindset related. We never waste time and always put our efforts into your health, balance, and progress.


The most important thing about workshops is understanding the needs of your audience, providing accurate knowledge, and bridging the gap between them to create value leading to a positive action. We have spoken on many topics and to many and our goals still remain the same regardless of the situation; positive, impactful, and towards the improvement of balance. Feel free to put in your request for a topic and we will deliver excellence.