Rejuvenating Work Force

What are two major factors that decrease innovation, production, quality, morale, and job satisfaction from management and staff?

Stress on the mind and stress on the body. Now how do you reduce these stresses for your employees? Maybe: exercise, team building events, yoga, incentives, and motivational speakers.

Next Generation

There is a more effective, and longer-lasting way to do all these things with just one investment: The Work Lifestyle Health Assessment. It is a comprehensive evaluation of the workplace and its staff, focusing on the two parts of stress--physical and mental. Stress is now the fastest-growing category for disability. The US is not too far removed from Canada, losing an estimated 200 billion per year due to stress-related absenteeism., not to mention traditional physical injuries. Overall, this program was designed to increase profits by stopping injuries before they cause employees to take time off, and reducing stress by changing baseline factors attributed to drops in productivity and time away from work.

What we take a look at

Lifestyle, health, fitness, injury, stress, motivation, productivity, and workplace demands.

The most powerful things we possess are our mind and bodies and when they work in balance we are unstoppable. Let's make your team, your brand, and your management unstoppable.