Design Fitness: Bridging the Gap between Health and Fitness.

The problem we solve is direction: what is the problem, who should you see, were should you go, why is one thing better than the other, when is the best time to take the next step.


As we get older our bodies seem to slow us down because our bodies are ageing?  That is not the full story yes, we age but the passing of time does not mean what you think it might. The truth of the matter is that it is the lack of maintaining our self over the years that catches up to us and causes the problem. Depending on how much strain we put on our bodies this can happen even in your twenty's. The healing art of exercise addresses the important issue. Let’s redefine what age, health and exercise mean, you might be surprised to see what your capable of doing. 

We are the next generation of health care practitioners using the power of The Healing Art of Exercise. 


Why choose us

1. As simple as it sounds we listen. Communication is essential in understanding your unique goals and challenges so we can suggest the right steps as things progress.

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2. If you have tried everything to get rid of the pain or to stay motivated and it has not worked. Never give up if you have not found the answer this does not mean there is not an answer.

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3.  If you want to start exercising but are not sure where to start. An assessment is always where you should begin. There is nothing more important than knowing where you're coming from, where you are, and what skills you need to get to the next level. We aim to achieve permanent change and long lasting results.

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4. If you want to improve and maintain your health and activity level now and for the years to come. It's never too late to start! The process we use for our clients is proof of that; insightful enough to work with old issues and smart enough to prevent new ones.

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5. If you're a professional and you want to increase the spectrum of health that your clients can obtain. We are always happy to help and will be able to give you insight that will improve your clients results and they will love you for it.  (Learn More)