Our Practitioners


Why a mentor?

We use the role of mentorship with our members to help increase their success and motivation. Believing in someone is different than believing in the steps or process, and just because you know the steps doesn't mean you've adapted your strategy to get the same result. The biggest differences in our practitioners are not found in school, but rather meaningfully obtained in life, and that is wisdom and passion. Our approach is one of lifestyle, and requires both of these virtues; this makes it the perfect fit for our vision.

Bottom Line: It is about more than just the title and the credentials behind the name; it is about the kind of person and the passion they have to truly help.  We know you will feel, see, and appreciate the difference. 


the healing art of exercise

The purpose of The Healing Art of Exercise is to keep the body in a place where it's able to restore and maintain itself. We set out to understand how the environment of your lifestyle and history has affected its movement, it's mindset and it's internal systems.

With this understanding, we can select the right avenue and build the needed prerequisites to create more balance. In knowing that the body perceives balance as health that is exactly what we set out to improve.

The Healing Art of Exercise is a system of natural change and growth that allows the body and person to progress in a way that is sustainable and supported by their individual goals and lifestyles. It's an effective way of bridging and integrating the gaps between health, therapy, fitness, and the way we live, compounding all the benefits of each making them more complete more achievable and more rewarding.