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Functional Health What’s Missing

Functional Health What’s Missing

What makes you different than other health/exercise companies?
There are many unique and subtle differences with our lifestyle program as well as the culture that surrounds the concept of the Healing Art of Exercise. The top difference that sets us apart is the use of a general practitioner that will be with you throughout your time in the program, will setup your health care team, as well as assist you in the week by week progression towards your goals.

We are a proactive approach to health. We aim to support the body before injuries or dysfunction can happen. If the body is already in a state of unrest then we will aid it in its recovery to heath and then go back to goal one. We take all of the prescriptions of the personals and we help create a lifestyle that supports your goals. We also take all of the information we gather and put it together in a practical way that can Easily be put into your daily routines. (See video health plus lifestyle, glass and water, practical HAE)

How long do I have to drop out of the program?
Within the first month or 30 days of being a member you have the option of resigning from the program. If you choose to do so you will be refunded the full membership amount invested excluding the deposit amount which covers the first month of services, assessments, and setup fees. The information that we have discovered up until this point will be released to you along with an explanation of how to best use the information received.  

Are you a personal trainer?
Although we offer personal training and utilize exercise and training techniques, we do so in quite a different way.  The purpose behind our exercises are based on health, balance, mental growth, and we have adapted them for the lifestyle of the general public. (See video Exercise Depth and Missing Link)

What activities will my session consist of?
We have created our program to adapt to the ever-changing demands of life with a strong focus on your end goals. Every session is individually customized, however it will always begin with a quick assessment to see what is the best course of action is for that day. There are a few staple directions that we choose from including exercise, therapy, coaching, and relaxation techniques.

Do you provide workshops for schools and companies?
We do offer workshops on a variety of health issues focused on improving staff health and wellness. It is very important to us to share our knowledge to help create a more health conscious community and future.

Where do the services take place?
We are an in home-based service and the majority of your sessions take place in the convenience and comfort of your home. We also seek out quality health professionals to be a part of our specialist team and as such some of our assessments and services are located throughout Toronto.

Can I put my treatment on hold?
As a General member you will be able to put your treatment on hold for up to two weeks and still be guaranteed your regular time slot. If you have to extend the hold past this time your spot will not be guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are a Elite member your spot is held for the year and you are able to put your treatment on hold for as long as you like. There will be a cost associated with a hold lasting more than a three week time span.

I already have practitioners and/or a trainer I work with, do I have to use the practitioners you refer me to?
Design Fitness is known for it’s versatility and we enjoy working with new professionals in the community. We  have adapted special programs to help coordinate mutual clients. Our goal is the same as theirs with improving your health at the forefront.

How long is a session?
Our appointments are generally 60 minutes in length however that may change depending on the objective of the practitioner.

Are we covered under insurance?
As Design Fitness takes a proactive approach to health, based on lifestyle, we are not covered by the traditional insurance plans.

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