how did we get our start

Design Fitness started out as a quest for the perfect exercise to help limit injuries and improve performance. Over the years it has changed in purpose and application and now stands to create the foundation on which health and fitness are achieved. Its purpose is no longer athletic performance based but rather on preserving the integrity of our body throughout the challenges of life. We are proud to say that we are currently one of the only programs in Toronto that solely applies health and fitness to lifestyle, gaining our client's unique benefits on top of the ones already associated with exercise and health.

The Will of Hope

When you put your heart and soul into achieving a dream, and put forth positive action to its completion, ultimately inspiring others with this hope. This is the heart that beats within Design Fitness. 

Hope theory


say what

The programs and services we offer may be exactly what you would think however they differ as we are based on a lifestyle model the process is something you have not seen yet. We are able to achieve great results in a way that the body is able to maintain and in doing so address the former limitations of traditional based approaches.


We practice the Healing Art of Exercise which not only has a strong base in common health practices but also improves their effectiveness by understanding what links them together. It establishes a way to integrate all of this additional information into a practical form that blends with your lifestyle and personality all while creating a system of self-maintenance. This means that as you go about your new daily activities the result will be the goals you have accomplished will continue to benefit you.

The best way to understand the difference we make is to experience it! Email us to request a complimentary mini-consultation.


Noel Miller

Founder and

 FUNCTIONAL Health Expert

"It is not just the skill its self but the mind that wieds it "

Most people are okay with 60-70% success. We make our living helping you achieving the rest.


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