Point of View

When evaluating our lifestyle and body issues that may arise we need to consider that it's not the pain itself that is the problem per say but what caused the pain. Likewise it is not the stress itself but what caused the stress. We like to have simple solutions as it makes things appear easier to manage.  We often tell ourselves we can deal with the problem if and when we want to. This way of thinking is working for us, however consider that the body is the most complex thing on the planet. We can't afford to think that there are ways of tricking the body or a quick fix to get the end result we desire. The shape and state that the body is in is a reflection of strength,  weakness, beliefs, culture, history, mental state, energy, sacrifice and so on. We can begin to unburden, replenish, and restore balance to the body, but you must know it cannot be accomplished without your dedication. The body is not the issue - it is the amount we have pushed it out of balance that has caused many of our pains, dysfunctions, and even illness. If you are seeking health you have to understand that a healthy action (exercise, eating right) is nothing in comparison to a lifestyle that supports health. Design Fitness is here to help you create such a lifestyle.

The Will of Hope


When you put your heart and soul into achieving a dream, and put forth positive action to its completion, ultimately inspiring others with this hope. This is the heart that beats within Design Fitness. 

Hope theory





Life, work, and health demands can become overwhelming and can seem impossible to get away from at times. It becomes easier to ignore the reality of what is being sacrificed to keep up with everything although it is always our health that suffers the consequences. Most people try and make the change after it has already had a large impact however at this point in time more than just exercise, nutrition, and body tension have to be addressed.  Getting your health back on track is no simple task. We noticed there was a gap between the answers to this and the services out there to really prepare you for the steps you need to take to get back to health.  Design Fitness decided that this will be our purpose and mission to offer this guidance, support, and expertise.  We have created a program that is meant to guide people along the process of reclaiming or maintaining their health. Life can be full of ups and downs, times for rest times for work, and we want to make sure that your health doesn’t follow the same pattern but stays strong regardless of what life throws at it. To this end we have studied many different health disciplines and the discovered the connections between them to create a service that effectively navigates the complexity of the body, your personality, and the ever changing journey of life. We give you Designs Fitness Healing Art of Exercise.

The Healing Art of Exercise

The Healing Art of Exercise is a technique of integrated therapies including Exercise Prescription, Mindfullness, Proactive Health, Accupressure, Joint Mobilization, MAT, Myofacial Therapy, and Lfestyle Coaching. These are just some of the moral pillars and sciences we use to address the complexities of the body’s health. There is no need to try and put it in a box. It is made up of many of the questions you want answered and of the things that seem small but make all the difference to your health. It is the product of time, passion, insight, experience, and wisdom from many perspectives.


Noel Miller

Founder and

 Exercise and lifestyle mentor

"It is not just the skill its self but the mind that wieds it "

Most people are okay with 60-70% success. We make our living helping you achieving the rest.


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